Our Staff

Meet Our Dedicated Staff

Learn more about our missionaries and some of the exciting ministries they are working with. We are very proud of our Staff and the hard work they do every day to minister to the people of Guatemala and build the kingdom of God. None of our full-time missionaries receive a salary, they raise their own support. Therefore, we would like to encourage you to consider financially partner with one or more of our missionaries to help them continue in ministry.

Carlos & Karla Garcia (Andrea, Elian, David)

Base Director, YWAM Guatemala City

Sara Gomez

Childrens Ministry & Kitchen, YWAM Guatemala City

Steve & Becky Golla (Jonathan, Joy, & Benji)

Human Resources & Hospitality, YWAM Guatemala City 

Pedro & Karen Marroqui (Sofía & Esteban)

Maintenance & Hospitality, YWAM Guatemala City

Franklin & Tatiana Cuxun

DTS Staff , Finances & Communications, YWAM Guatemala City

Sarah Seong

Kings Kids Director & Hospitality, YWAM Guatemala City

Boris & Nela Canahui (Ricky)

Teams,Maintenance & BSN staff, YWAM Guatemala City

Melisa Samayoa

Finances & DTS Staff, YWAM Guatemala City

Christian & Samantha Osorio

Communications, Kitchen, Kids Ministry & Transportation, YWAM Guatemala City

Oscar Fernandez

Transportation, Communications, YWAM Guatemala City

Aury Xigo

Kitchen, SST Staff, YWAM Guatemala City

Hermes Espinoza

Maintenance, DTS Staff, YWAM Guatemala City

Want To Know More About Our Missionary Training Program?

Want To Know More About Our Missionary Training Program?