I discovered a song recently aptly titled, “The Throne Room Song”, by a collective of artists called People and Songs. This song begins with the convicting lyrics

 “Jesus is in this room

Here right now, here right now,

Making this place I stand,

Holy Ground, Holy Ground”

I was listening to this song in a season of waiting. I had just finished my Discipleship training school in Guatemala City, a time in my life I had specifically decided to lay aside my job, my apartment, my possessions, and my community, to focus on knowing God more intimately and making Him known in all parts of my life. This season was filled with spiritual awakenings, character reformation, and opening the doors of my heart and my life to be absolutely flooded by the light and presence of my God. In this season, I had to allow God to touch parts of my heart I had kept hidden, fears I thought I could control, hurts I thought that I had healed…only to find that only He could give me fullness, only he could give peace, and only He can heal all the wounds that the enemy tries to bring to our hearts.

I found all this in the throne room.

How can I begin to describe what it is like to take the time to seek out God in his throne room…after being afraid to do so before, afraid of the true intimacy that comes with knowing God, being steps away from this deep intimacy for so much of my life…and to have had the opportunity to step into this sacred place.



Step into the throne room.

It began last year, in a week called, Inner Healing, where our teacher and counselor for that week invited us to step into the vision of God’s heavenly courts and seek true healing…healing from our past, healing from our mistakes, freedom from our fears, and to step truly into the inheritance that lies before us and within us when we accept Christ as our Savior…

 We are conquerors and co-heirs to the Kingdom of God.

 …but after my school was finished, after I graduated from this season, and I found myself back home; not even in my home, back to sharing a place in my mother’s house, I didn’t feel much like a conqueror or co-heir those first few days.

 I was in the midst of sweeping the floors, without a job and with little of my own possessions, I felt convicted to give as much as myself as I could to serve my mother who worked all day and continued to work well into the evenings as a grandmother to my young nephew while his mother worked the night shift. So there I was, keeping house, listening to worship music when this song came on, and I remembered what it truly means to be a co-heir in the Kingdom of God.

As Christ fed the masses, beckoned young children close, broke bread with sinners, and washed the feet of his own followers…so we too are always called into a kingdom of servitude.

We may look at dirty floors, filled with the dust of days gone by, and think…

 “This is not mine, this is not from my journey, why is it my responsibility?”

But, you, and I, we are made in the image of a God who loves the weary, we are made in the image of a God who gives rest to the burdened,

We are made in the image of a God who washes the dust of the feet of his own disciples.

 I was reminded that the dust of someone else’s journey…falls into my hands to care for and keep when I can,

I was reminded to give more of myself than I ever had before to those who gave all of their time to see me grow into who I am today,

 I was reminded that dirty floors…are holy ground too.

 I was no longer in my mother’s living room…

I was no longer in that small apartment tucked away in the midst of the busy city…

I was on holy ground.

 Every inch of your life is holy ground when you surrender to the true intimacy of knowing God and having His inheritance flow through your veins and take its rightful place on the throne of your heart.

You, my friend, we, my friends…

We run into the throne room of God; there are no barriers between Him and our hearts; there are no boundaries between his courts and our world…

 This is my life…

 I want to see the glory of the throne room in every room I enter…

For Jesus, indeed, is in this room.

Samantha Oates

Samantha Oates is on staff here in YWAM Guatemala City, where she also did her DTS. Not only she is passionate about communications and media, but she is also  a master in bakery and loves to serve others in the kitchen department.